The Best Anti Chafing Creams for Runners

Chafing refers to the development of a sores at particular parts of the body that are a result of combination of friction and moisture more mostly when running. You can ease the pain caused by chafe or event prevent formation of one by using Squirrel’s Nut Butter anti chafe cream. Some anti chafing creams has proven to serve big in eliminating chafe.

A mega babe is one of the most reliable running anti chafe cream consisting of aloe and lime oil for cooling and healing consequently. A mega babe cream will go a long way in reducing the act of rubbing between your thighs when running.

The bodyglide anti-chafe is a scent free and light cream for chafe prevention. It is easy to apply and to carry and prevents both chafing and blisters. Bodyglide anti chafe is also better since it doesn’t rub off to ruin your clothes.

Another type of anti chafing cream that has been recognized to work great is the ultimate performance skin shield. With the use of an ultimate performance skin shield, your skin will be protected against any possible friction when running. You should not apply this cream on broken skin.

A Ronhil Nip is another good pad that can be used by runners as a protector against chafing. Ronhil Nip guards do not give discomforts, and it doesn’t come out of place when you sweat.

As a runner, you can protect your skin from chafing using a body glide sunscreen balm. You will be comfortable to run on a scorching sun as far as you have applied a body glide sunscreen balm on your skin.

Friction can be eradicated by the application of a 2tom sport shield roll on that creates an obstacle between the skin and clothes of a runner thus aiding to protect one from chafe. Unlike some other creams, the 2tom sport shield roll on is light weight making it easier to carry around and is also water and sweat proof.

The other anti-chafing agent is the lunacane gel which is non greasy and non stain. A lunacane gel will help to soothe a developed chafe and work on preventing development of others. Runners who are starting a race with an already sore skin can comfortably use lunacane gel to ease the pain.

An irritated skin can be soothed by the application of a blue steel sports cream.

Chafex is just another example of an anti-chafing ream. It is wise to use a chafex since you will get more info. on how it works once you read the label instructions after purchasing.

Another trusted anti chafe is the Ruby’s lube which is favorable to all types of skin including a child’s skin.

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