Reasons to Implement Electronic Medical Records

In comparison to other industries, the health industry has been slow in integrating an electronic system for their medical records even though it has several benefits. Making the change from paper-based record-keeping system to electronic takes time and can be costly to a business entity. Electronic medical records benefits both the patients and the doctors, and can be instantly accessed thus saving time and money. The benefits of the electronic medical system are numerous and are discussed below and you will find more info. here.

Incorporation of electronic medical record software opens up more space that would rather have been used by file cabinets. The space used to store file cabinets can be freed up and used as an office or occupied by extra patients’ beds. Retrieving a patient’s file through among the numerous available ones is a difficult job which becomes even more challenging if it misplaced or misfiled. Retrieving a patient’s file is simply by pressing a few buttons which greatly reduce the task of finding patients’ information.

There is the challenge of reading whatever has been written by a doctor on a patient’s file in most cases. A typed note is easily for almost everyone with reading ability to read, unlike handwritten notes. With the paper-based system, the staff is often employed who are in charge of filing patients’ medical files and this raises the employment cost. The use of electronic medical record system software gives a medical facility the ability to recruit young medical staff.

With the electronic medical record software such as RevenueXL, lab results are returned automatically and directed to the specific doctor. It reduces errors that might arise when using the paper-based system which might be very costly for a medical facility. Going for a test every time as it is with a paper-based system can be expensive, hence the use of electronic software that allows for the data to electronically transferred.

Through the use RevenueXL electronic medical record software, a patient’s data can be accessed from anywhere which ensures that a doctor can maintain treatment no matter where they are. Using electronic medical record software improves the ability to handle unforeseen circumstances; floods or fire can destroy medical files in a medical center that uses a paper-based record system thus crippling their entire operations. these are the reasons to incorporate an electronic medical system to a facility.